Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010


Hi Bloggers,
bei Sunday Postcard Arts ist Magic das Thema in dieser Woche.
Für mich haben und hatten schon immer Bäume etwas sehr magisches an sich.
Deshalb hier mein Beitrag zum Thema, wenn auch sicher anders als erwartetet.
With Sunday Postcard Arts is Magic the subject this week.
For me have and had always trees a little bit magic in themselves.
Therefore, here my contribution on the subject, even if surely differently than expected.
@by alexandra


  1. I think trees are magic, too - they've lived so long and seen so much but you can almost hear the sap flowing through them if you listen closely... lots of cutting out - you must be very patient. Love this.

  2. Wow- this piece is very beautiful and enchanted. Trees are great sources of power and magic and are very symbolic and useful in the study of wicca and nature spells. Wonderful entry for this theme!

  3. Wow - this really is magical and so skillfully done!
    Great work!

  4. Your work is beautiful, and I agree trees are magical. Where else would faeries and other magical creatures live, but in an enchanted forest?

    Cindy :)